Cermi Review UTS MT325 – Ranty Irawati

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Cermi Review UTS MT325 – Ranty Irawati

Assalamu’alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Good morning or afternoon or evening everbody (depend on the time when you read the resume ^^) ! In Advanced Database as learning subject, we are worked in team. There are 3 students of magister which the major is Business Intelligence. Well, let me introduce our team, we have Mas Zaenal or Mr Zae …he.he.he. Well, I can say Mas Zae is our leader in this team because his knowledge and skill lead us to finish the assignment. We have also Ibu Arum, great expert of weather in Indonesia. Ask anything about climate, she can answer greatly. Can you answer climate of people’s feeling, Ibu Arum ? he.he.he.. .¬† So, who is third member. Write it my name well… ūüôā My name is Ranty Irawati as you can see ini head of title. I am International Relations scholar graduated who is studying Bussiness Inteliigence. Nice to see you, all. So, here the resume of our assignment from 7 times learning via online. It’s also learning via online with each team. Are you ready !

First Session: Introducing Database & SQL

A database allows you to store information related to a specific topic in an organised way. It’s great when you need to store a searchable collection of data/information in a computer system. Databases are used in a lot of systems today. Almost every web shop has a database with their products, almost every site with a lot of users uses a database to store user information. A blog usually has a database containing all blog articles. All your contacts in your phone are probably saved in a database in your phone. A relational database is a database that presents information in tables with rows and columns, and that’s what we will focus on in this article. Most databases contain one or more tables which may each include several different fields. Tables are uniquely identified by their names and each table is made up of rows and columns, like a grid (as in an excel sheet).

Second Session: Database Table and Data Type

Data types represents the type of data an object is holding. Data Types are defined for columns of a table, local/global variables, input/output arguments of procedures etc. Each database system (MS SQL Server, MYSQL, DB2, Oracle etc.) have its own long list of data types but several data types are common in most of them. Common data types across various database systems, they are numeric data type and string data type.

Few numeric data type has syntax of data_type(x). Here x is meant for precision value. Char(x): This data type is space padded to fill the number of characters specified. Here x is the number of characters to store. Varchar(x): This type got its name from varying characters. This data type doesn’t pad unnecessary space. Here x is the number of characters to store. text: This type is used to store long textual information.

Third Session: Creating Table

Tables are used to store data in the database. Tables are uniquely named within a database and schema. Each table contains one or more columns. And each column has an associated data type that defines the kind of data it can store e.g., numbers, strings, or temporal data.


CREATE TABLE [database_name.][schema_name.]table_name ( pk_column data_type PRIMARY KEY, column_1 data_type NOT NULL, column_2 data_type, …, table_constraints );

Fouth Session: Inserting Data into Database

You need to know the SQL UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE commands to modify data in your tables. These are the basics that will allow you to work with tables. As you probably know, SELECT allows you to retrieve data from a database, filter it, and perform computations on it. INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE allow you to modify data in tables. INSERT adds new rows to a table, UPDATE modifies existing data in a table, and DELETE removes rows from a table.

In computer programming, we use the acronym CRUD‚ÄĒcreate, retrieve, update, and delete‚ÄĒto describe the four basic operations you can do on data. The four SQL commands¬†SELECT,¬†INSERT,¬†UPDATE, and¬†DELETE¬†allow you to perform these four basic data operations in SQL databases.

Fith & Sixth Session: In, Not In, Like and Between

Some¬†SQL¬†keywords that help you build complex statements include IN,¬†NOT, and¬†LIKE.¬†LIKE¬†uses wildcards, which are used to query similar values, but IN and¬†NOT¬†… difference¬†between¬†the OR and AND operators and using these with the¬†NOT¬†… The % character can be placed at the¬†beginning, end or within your string

Seventh Session: Modyfying Table Part 1

As your data changes over time, SQL provides a way for you to update your corresponding tables and database schemas by using the ALTER TABLE statement to add, remove, or modify columns and table constraints.


Thank you for reading. Have a great day !

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Arum Hidayati
4 months ago

wooow,, nice cermi bu Ranty,, and for forecasting people climate heart, i’ve never been do that before,, maybe i’ll learn about it first,, hahaha,, bissmillah,, lulus bareng2 ya bu tahun depan, aamiin

4 months ago

woow cermi nya kerenn, bu ranty sangat banyak membantu di wizard team terimakasih bu atas kontribusi nya, mudahan2 bisa lulus bareng yah bu tahun depan sama bu arum juga. semangat squad wizard….

4 months ago

Alhamdulillah cermi kita sudah selesai dibuat. Dalam perkuliahan Mba Ranty aktif memberikan masukan dan bertanya. Selamat ya Mba Ranty, semoga mendapatkan nilai terbaik ya. Aamiin

4 months ago

Keren Bu Pakai bahasa english , mudah mudahan mendapat nilai A+ kita semua , tetap semangat Bu

4 months ago

It is a pleasure to know you bu Ranty, even though we never met. But I hope oneday there’s a chance for us to meet. I am looking forward to meeting you…

Dadang Nugraha
4 months ago

Wow alhamdulillah bu ranty, 

selamat sudah menyeselaikan assignment ini dengan sangat luar biasa, tidak terasa kita sudah UTS ya dan tidak terasa dari pertemuan 1-7 sudah kita lalui. Semoga semakin lancar kedepan sampai UAS nanti aamiin. semangat terus untuk belajar dan membuat karya-karya terbaik ūüôā

Nuke Puji
4 months ago

Luar biasa bu ranty, dalam bahasa inggris dong :”) debaaakkk bu. bikin mhs lainnya terus termovitasi hihi
Hwaiting for next challenge buūü§ó

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