Materi Perkuliahan+Praktek PL301A TA. 2020/2021

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Materi Perkuliahan+Praktek PL301A TA. 2020/2021

Materi Perkuliahan PL301A TA. 2019/2020
1Introducing Database And SQL 8Make Profile Student & Create status for submit form
2Introducing PHP 7, FTP and IDE Online9Create menu entry list CM & admin control
3Connect to Database with php, and Create table with SQL

Challenge Warrior 

10Make algorithm for change role
4Make Auth Login & Register multiuser with PHP

Challenge Elite

11Create new viewboard mahasiswa for admin
5Make admin viewboard with table

Challenge Master

12Create viewboard statistic for admin
6Make admin control to create new user & delete user

Challenge Grand Master

13Learn basic of UI Design


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