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Pertemuan 13 Select like & between

Like Between  Nuke Puji

Pertemuan 11 Select Where

Where Clauses Nuke Puji

Pertemuan 10 Select All data

Section Introduction  Select Queries — Nuke Puji

Pertemuan 9 Insert Data to Database

Updating Data in a Table Deleting Data from a Table Inserting Data into Our Movie Data Database Section Summary Nuke Puji

Pertemuan 8 Creating Tables

Unique, Not Null and Check Constraints  Creating Our First Table Creating the Actors Table Creating a Table with a Foreign Key Nuke Puji

Pertemuan 6 Introducing Database Data Type

Data Types Explained  Primary Keys and Foreign Keys  Nuke Puji

Pertemuan 5 Introducing Database Table

Section Introduction  Database Tables  Nuke Puji

Pertemuan 4 Introducing Database and SQL

Course Introduction What is a Database? Relational Databases and SQL Nuke Puji

Pertemuan 3 Signup & Connect FTP with Codeanywhere

  Apa itu Codeanywhere? Kalian bisa BBC disini ya Codeanywhere Bagaimana cara untuk mengkonfigurasi FTP? Silahkan BBC disini ya Tutorial Koneksi FTP Good Luck ^^ Nuke Puji