SKuP Class Sistem Basis Data – Aldhi Adytia P 1933424776

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SKuP Class Sistem Basis Data – Aldhi Adytia P 1933424776

Assalammualaikum Wr.Wb

Hi Friends, How do you do?

Allow me introduce myself. My name is Aldhi Adytia Prasetio. I am from Tangerang, I am 17 years old.

My Hobby Is Drink a Coffee , I have a Dream : Make parents proud to me.

My Social Media :


Nama : Aldhi Adytia Prasetyo

Nim : 1933424776

INSTAGRAM: aldhiap9

Wa: 089635539155

Thank you for the times.

1SKuP DL201CDoneA+
2Menyaksikan Sidang KomprehensifDoneA
3Raharja CareerDoneA+
4Assignment LTAIDoneA
5Assignment Praktikum 1DoneB-
6Assignment Praktikum 2DoneA+
7Assignment Praktikum 3DoneA+
8Assignment Praktikum 4DoneA
9Assignment Praktikum 5DoneA
10Assignment Praktikum 6DoneA
11Assignment Praktikum 7DoneA-
12Assignment Praktikum 8DoneA
13Assignment Praktikum 9DoneB+
14Kuisioner DosenDoneA
15PRA UTS DL201C GENAP TA.19/20DoneA-
16UTS DL201C GENAP TA.19/20DoneA+
17PRA UAS #2 DL201C GENAP TA.19/20DoneA+
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