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Hello guys. Let me introduce myself. My name is Alfian Dimas Ahsanul Rizky Ahmad. U can call me Alfian, Or anything . i am college student in Raharja University. Majors System Information konsentration bussiness Intellegence .

I was born in tangerang on 11 august 2000 . i’m graduated from islamic high school ciamis (MAN 1 ciamis) . in there i majore in religious program. I take this majors cause it my hobbies. so i wanna like bill gates or steve jobs. Or something like that’s.

However , need hard work to be like it. So i didn’t want to waste my time. Time is very important . i didn’t want to waste my time. It my motto. then, i wanna share about Sketch UI/ UX , i hope helpful. thanks.

Maybe enough. I think u know who i am. If u wanna know futher about me. U can follow my instagram @alfian_ara.









1Why i Built this courseSucces
2Join the community!Succes
2.1Intro to Sketch UniversitySucces
2.2Sketch RequirementsSucces
2.3The InterfaceSucces
2.4Layer BasicsSucces
2.5Editing ShapesSucces
2.6Boolean OperationsSucces
2.7Other Shaphes ToolsSucces
2.8Intro To TextSucces
2.9Images And BitmapsSucces
2.10Text StylesSucces
2.11Grouping LayersSucces
2.12Styling Part 1: Fills And BordersSucces
2.13Styling Part 2: Shadows And BlursSucces
2.14Styling Part 3: Colors, Gradients, and Shared Layer StylesSucces
3.1Intro to Speed ProjectSucces
3.2Re-designing Headspace AppSucces
3.3Header BackgroundSucces
3.4Header Text and ButtonSucces
3.5Progress Bar and Text StyleSucces
3.6Funky ShapesSucces
3.7Final SectionSucces
3.8Sketch MirrorSucces
4.1Intro to The IdeaSucces
4.2The IdeaSucces
5.1Intro To Color StylesSucces
5.2Basics StylesSucces
5.3Grey ColorsSucces
5.4Accent ColorsSucces
5.5Border and charts LineSucces
5.6Input And ShadowsSucces
6.1Intro To Typography StylesSucces
6.2Typography GuideSucces
6.3Typography ContinuedSucces
.6.4Typography Sketch DownloadSucces
7.1Intro To Logo DesignSucces
7.2Required FilesSucces
7.3Starting Our logo IconSucces
7.4Finishing Logo IconSucces
7.5Finalizing Our LogoSucces
7.6Turning Our Logo Into SymbolsSucces
8.1Intro To Wireframing 1Succes
8.2Intro To Wireframing 2Succes
8.3Wireframe screensSucces
8.4Web Based Wireframe tools: Free and PaidSucces
9.1Intro to Mobile App DesignSucces
9.2Login PageSucces
9.3Finishing Login pageSucces
9.5Profile And Diverse UI PluginSucces
9.6Profile ContinuedSucces
9.7Finishing Profile ScreenSucces
9.8Expense screenSucces
9.9Creating Expense SymbolsSucces
9.10My card ScreenSucces
9.11Virtual Credit CardSucces
9.12Card InfoSucces
9.13Call To ActionSucces
9.14Challenge: Create The Last Screen On Your Own !Succes
9.15Reveal : Challenge CompletedSucces
10.1Intro To Web App DesignSucces
10.2Web App LayoutSucces
10.3Sidebar : HeaderSucces
10.4Sidebar : Header ContinuedSucces
10.5Menu ItemsSucces
10.6Active StateSucces
10.7Top MenuSucces
10.8Complete Top MenuSucces
10.9Main View : TransactionsSucces
10.10Transactions ContinuedSucces
10.11Creating Transaction SymbolSucces
10.12Adding PaginationSucces
10.13Finishing Our PageSucces
10.14Setting Up our Team PageSucces
10.15Team Page ContinuedSucces
10.16Adding A new team memberSucces
10.17What Do You want to see next ?Succes
11.1Intro To GridsSucces
11.2Intro To Bootstrap GridSucces
11.3Bootstrap Grid ContinuedSucces
11.4Intro To 8 point Grid SystemSucces
11.5Additional Reading : 8 Pt Grid SystemSucces
12.1Intro To landing PageSucces
12.2Landing Page example: sketchSucces
12.3Setting Up Our GridSucces
12.5Hero SectionSucces
12.6Iphone MockupSucces
12.7Browser MockupSucces
12.8Credit Card MockupSucces
12.9Heart IconSucces
12.10Shield IconSucces
12.11Alarm IconSucces
12.12Reset Bounding box after rotationSucces
12.13Camera Iconsucces
12.14Cloud IconSucces
12.15Chat Bubble IconSucces
12.16Icon ConversionSucces
12.17Feature SectionSucces
12.18Feature 1 : text ContentSucces
12.19Feature 1 and 2Succes
12.20Testimonial Part 1Succes
12.21Testimonial Part 2Succes
12.22Additional ResourcesSucces
12.23Call To ActionSucces
12.25Master Spendo Download FileSucces
13.1Speed Prototyping with SketchSucces
13.2Prototyping the Spendo AppSucces
13.3Intro to InvisionSucces
13.4Prototyping with InvisionSucces
13.5Craft by InvisionSucces
13.6Data & Duplicate in CraftSucces
13.7Prototyping in Sketch and SharingSucces
14.1What is User Experience?Succes
14.2Where UX StartedSucces
14.4User Centered DesignSucces
14.510 Principles of User Centered DesignSucces
14.6Business Needs vs User NeedsSucces
14.7Qualities of a good UX DesignerSucces
14.8UX Design ProccessSucces
15.1Sketch ResourcesSucces
15.2Dribble: Show & Tell for DesignersSucces
15.3Developer Handoff: ZeplinSucces

Thanks for attention

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